Three project partners: Alberto Gola (FBK), David Gascon (UB- ICCUB) and Rok Pestotnik (JSI) participated in the first meeting of the Collaboration on the Research and Development for Photon Detectors and Particle Identification Techniques (DRD4), which has been constituted by 76 research groups from 20 countries to coordinate the detector research and development activities for the next generation of particle physics experiments until 2045.

The collaboration will cover four main themes from the Roadmap for Detector Research and Development, published by the European Commission for Future Accelerators in 2020: DRDT 4.1 – Enhance timing resolution and spectral range of photon detectors; DRDT 4.2 – Develop photosensors for extreme environments; DRDT 4.3 – Develop RICH and imaging detectors with low mass and high-resolution timing; and. DRDT 4.4 – Develop compact, high-performance time-of-flight detectors.

Professor Rok Pestotnik has been elected to lead the development and research in Solid State Photon Detectors, one of the five Collaboration Work Packages.

Rok Pestotnik

By editor